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Media Production: Manchester

Mancy Media is a group of Manchester based creatives who specialise in all aspects of digital - media. From video production to web design we have been rapidly gaining a reputation as Manchester’s go to people for companies, small to medium sized businesses, trades men, and artists looking to bolster their online presence or gain attention. Look below to see if you require any of the services we provide and don’t hesitate to contact us on: (0161) 821 1231.

Video Production

Video Production: Manchester


Based in Manchester Mancy Media produce any - thing from 30 second web videos all the way to high budget music video destined for telev...

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: Manchester


We can take, edit, manipulate, alter images for a variety of purposes. Perhaps you need a logo or, flyer / poster design, album covers, business...

Web Design

Web Design: Manchester


Our professional web designers have plenty of - experience building creative yet functional web sites. We take the time to understand you're...

Audio Production

Audio Production: Manchester


Manchester based, Mancy Media are experts in - most forms of audio production. From mixing & mastering, synthesis to audio manipulation...

Media Consult

Media Consultant: Manchester


Unsure about what exactly it is you need...? We - can provide you with multiple solutions to bring your digital products up-to-date and beyond...

Project Manage

Media Project: Management


Unfamiliar in dealing with the creative sectors?.. Mancy Media can plan what’s required and set - schedules to ensure your project is delivered...

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“Mancy Media have been very receptive to my ideas and visions... Mancy Media have created a website and items that have boosted my business and cliental greatly..."



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We are creative, digital media production experts based in Manchester, UK. So... if you are looking for: video production, web design, graphic design or audio production get in touch, we're also on all the social networks:
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